These are merely suggestions for those who want to give a gift.

I have also included my Amazon Wishlist link where you can easily send me gifts without needing my mailing address.

Gifts are never mandatory or expected!

My email for gift cards or etransfers is [email protected]


See my Amazon Wishlist:

Amazon Wishlist Click Here


Perfume - Prada Infusion D'iris


3 Wick Candles or Room Spray from Bath and Body Works


Charmed Arona Candles


Pandora Gift Card (for my charm bracelet gifted by my best friend Amanda Labelle)


Killstar Gift Card


Farm Rio Gift Card


Amazon Gift Card


Torrid Gift Card or any Torrid lingerie (size 0 and bra size 38 C)


Bath Bombs, Bubble Bars or Bath Melts From Lush


Stay Up Stockings (Any Type, Any Colour) 


American Vintage Hard Iced Tea (Vodka Version NOT Malt Liquor)


Sex Toys (Domme Instruments, Small to Medium Sized Dildos or Vibrators, Etc...)