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I just had the opportunity to spend a glorious 2 hours with Miss Kitty Caterina and Miss Karma Kiss and let me tell you it was off the charts. It was a duo dom session so I had these 2 beautiful ladies tormenting and teasing me for a glorious 2 hours. The edging was fantastic. They kept me rock hard for the whole time, with a variety of activities tied in. I had the best time of my life so far. And I can't wait to visit them again. I am still in heaven today, remembering the whole event.

Lovestoplease March 7th 2024


I saw kitty pre-covid and had an amazing time. I no longer live in the area, but I often pass through. Going to have to try and coordinate something with her soon.

I’ve hobbied quite a bit over the last decade or so, my session with her was definitely in my top 3-5 for sure. She provides all the desired GFE acronyms. She was also the first SP that allowed me to explore some soft kinks that I’m into. Previous to meeting her I always kept it to myself but she was so encouraging and warm it about everything.

She truly gave me one of the most memorable sexual experiences to date.

Mrmoo123  October 5th 2023 TERB,cc


I was going to be passing by Kingston on my way to Ottawa last week, so immediately thought of booking an appointment with Kitty on my way through.

Set up was easy about a week ahead, reconfirmed on the day of & got her address. No issue finding her place, got there a few minutes early, she responded right away & gave me instructions to get to her unit.

There's a reason why Kitty has such a stellar reputation. She's reliable, punctual, there's no bullshit with her, + she's sexy af. After a nice greeting, she offered me a shower, which I took her up on, since I had driven there from Hamilton & it was nice to freshen up. Proceeded to the bedroom where the next hour was spent in a true GFE session. Kitty has perfect hygiene & is a great kisser. I'm not one for super detailed reviews, but there's a reason why I had to see her again & she didn't disappoint, which is all too rare these days.

For the rating-obsessed:

Ease of booking: 10
Punctuality: 10 refreshing not to get the "give me a few min" even though I was about 5 minutes early
Attitude: 10 she's a real gem in this business
The fun part: 10 some less than stellar experiences with other SPs who have been raved about makes her service stand out even more.
Location: 8 only because Kingston is WAYYYY to far from me, lol.

Repeat? For sure.

Bobzilla October 4th 2023


Kitty Caterina exceeded my expectations in every way. Her beautiful face and eyes actually stunned me when she opened the door and it got better if possible from there. 

The greeting, the conversation that flowed easily, the services - especially the kissing and edging bbbj with her warm soft mouth. We went a tad overtime and since she was exceedingly great I left her a tip at the door before I left. She seemed surprised and was gracious.

I come from the US every summer and spend time at my cottage so I willl definitely be seeing Kitty again before I leave.

JodiVM73 June 28th 2023 escortbabylon


Kitty Caterina 5738 is my go-to everytime I'm in Kingston, highly recommend. She's low-volume so prebook if possible.

Tipsyalt April 11th 2023


I had the pleasure of a duo with both these amazing providers last week on kitty's recent trip to the gta and opted to include video recording option.

The session met all expectations. They are fully interactive. They started with a double bj with me standing at the edge of the bed. I was hard in no time. Amanda moved under my legs to suck on my balls while kitty deep throated me. It took all my efforts and concentration to not lose it in the first few minutes.

After a few minutes of both their tongues driving me crazy I moved onto the bed. We lay kitty on her back and Amanda and I each lay on either side of her legs and took turns tasting her. Kitty brought a special squirting blanket. Amanda was good to share but I wanted to get kitty off so I moved between her legs and moved in. Amanda moved up so that kitty could suck on her nipples while I ate her out. Kitty guided me to hit all the right spots and I was rewarded with a large gush with her legs shaking as she reached her orgasm.

Now it was my turn so they got me on my back and both of them started licking either side of my shaft simultaneously. They took turns sharing and then kitty climbed on top to ride me. Not to be left out Amanda moved up to put her pussy in my face for some daty. She didn't last long and was holding the head board as she reached her first orgasm. She returned the favor by deep throating me. Anyone who has seen Amanda before knows her oral skills are legendary. She finished me off in her mouth for round one.

We lay in the bed together a few minutes to recover and round two was more of the same. My second orgasm was a joint effort with Amanda on my balls and kitty jerking me off. The 90 minutes went by in no time and I left completely spent and satisfied. I didn't film everything but got plenty of footage for my viewing pleasure. I'm sure I'll jerk off many times watching the clips over and over

Clublover069 Nov 9th 2022



i had the pleasure of seeing kitty last week and opted for a video session. I picked up a selfie stick that has both a remote and turns into a tri pod so I could get some different angles.

Kitty is not shy of the camera and the view with the camera beside her cheek while she's between my legs for a bbbj was awesome. I didn't last long for round 1 with the combination of her technique and the view.

We didn't have the camera taping the whole time but kitty loved trying different positions and angles. One of my favorites was her riding me with the phone set up on a tripod behind her. This blocked my face nicely as well as feeling great. She lifted her negligee to make sure her pretty ass was exposed to capture all the action!

I left the session completely satisfied and with some great souvenirs for my viewing pleasure. When I got home I watched all the videos. The one with the camera behind her riding me gave me another hard on. It was hot to see the rear view of her grinding on top of me. I'm sure I'll jerk off several more times watching the videos on my big screen TV. Thank you kitty, it was well worth the drive to see you and can't wait to film some more with you next time.

If you're going to see kitty be sure to ask about video option. You won't be disappointed.

Clublover069 Sept 28th 2022



So after a while reading the good reviews about this girl from Kingston, she finally made it to town. Everything from coms to booking was smooth.

She has an alt goth look with the black hair and pretty eyes. Services as discussed. She excels in service and was VERY accommodating. Sexy AF. Worth the wait IMHO.

after all the fakes and bait and switch in Ottawa we need more girls like Kitty

Tittytweeter July 22nd 2022


Things worked out well (at least for me) today.
Zoe@AOL wasn't on schedule this week. Another SP I oft see was also on vacay. Another had a slip and broke her arm and is out for a bit.
So they are my usual go-to options. But neither was I willing to take a risk on a random ad on LL. So when I saw that Kitty had cancellations I figured I'd see if she could fit me in. Glad she did. I had a fantastic time. Her services are on her web site, so you can look there. No need for me to repeat everything here. But it was also how she delivered those services. And she was easy to talk to... I know she is miffed with the cancellations, but she didn't let it show. I really enjoyed the time I spent with her.

Stan123 July 22nd 2022



I finally had the pleasure of meeting this sweet sexy lady . We had talked for a long time but our schedules never lined up .This time to Mississauga we made it happen . So glad it did. Such a wonderful lady in every way and better looking in person than her pictures. Her hygiene was second to none ,so i dove right in to that tasty pussy .She returned the favor with a nice slow B.J with her sexy eyes looking up at me. We had a lot of fun together and will have to make sure we do it again. Only wish she wasn't so far away ,but we will figure that out. Thank you KITTY for a wonderful time. xoxox

Wooden01 May 28th 2022 BASHFUL May 28th 2022


Kitty is a beautiful girl that you might fantasize about if you saw her out and about. She invokes carnal desire.
I discovered she would be in my vicinity so I pre-booked and pre-paid my appointment with her. I had asked about something of which I'm an aficionado.
Kitty said of course. It was a smooth and honest transaction.

I was greeted with kisses. I'm always lookin at ink on people and I had to kiss Kitty's ink. She asked me to remove her panties.
After a little breast play I ended burying my head between her thighs. Her hygiene was impeccable. Kitty reciprocated with a BBBJ.

It was a relaxing reprieve from a mundane Saturday with Kitty. It was the most enjoyable two hours of my day.
As I was leaving Kitty informed me that she had set a new personal record.
Next time I want to improve on that number. I hope to see her again soon!

oralgiver May 14th 2022 johnlick May 20th 2022


I had the pleasure of seeing Kitty this evening. Initially she couldn't see me and even recommended a few names of legit girls which I thought was way beyond the call of duty for her. Just before I booked, she messaged that her plans changed and she could see me. She was on time. Just as her pictures suggest she is. She is smart, can hold a good conversation, very pleasant personality.

We started off with a nice light massage, with her caressing and teasing. Moved on to some lfk, to dfk, to a nice BBBJ. Had to tell her to stop so I could enjoy some great daty. She was really into it and just experiencing her body shake in at that moment of intense orgasm was incredible. She then went back to a great bbbjcim. We spent some time recovering and then chatting, and i tapped out to call it a night.

She definitely lives up to all of the great reviews.
Thanks to all those who recommended her.

Feek76  December 7th 2021



I rarely post a review but I feel I owe Miss Caterina a good review because she totally deserves it.
I had my eyes on Kitty since several months earlier this year because I like her look, rates, and services all quite specific on her website 
So when I learnt in September her visit to Mississauga ( she's based in Kingston, Ontario ) in November this year, I immediately contacted her, passed her screening, and was pre-booked for my half-hour appointment 2 months in advance ( this is a big Pro when dealing with reputable Independent SP, with Agency you can only try in the same week, and fast fast on your keyboard/phone if the Agency SP is a popular one! ). All communication was prompt, efficient, and courteous, this is a good start, we all know if the communication is bad, inefficient, impolite will result in a bad session eventually, or no session at all! Approaching the appointment date after 2 months in advance booking, I confirmed again 1 week before and then the day before, and finally in the morning of the same day!

On the appointment day I arrived at the location some 15 minutes earlier ( I was the First appointment ), I texted her to announce my arrival, a couple of minutes later I got the text back : "We can start early!". This is another good start, you can read on her website that Kitty is low-volume, I believe she carefully spaces out the appointments to make sure everyone is not rushed including her. 

Coming into the room which was clean I was greeted warmly by Kitty. She was dressed up with the red outfit I saw on her website photo and requested, Kitty was always at my arm length, everything flowed quite naturally with her natural beauty, personality, and service.

DATY was very well received, and I heard the calm announcement 'I am going to come!' (ttle tight space between the lips and tasted some wonderful juice! There is a saying 'An apple a day keeps the doctor away' but for me it could be 'Tasting pure pussy juice keeps the doctor away!'

FS her kitty was real tight, and for an average Old Asian man, my 'tool' is average!
The session was finished with an awesome COT/CIM.

If you look for natural beauty, warm personality, a short time girlfriend so easy to talk to, not pretentious, well educated, and services exactly as described per her website, Miss Kitty Caterina, gem of Kingston is so well recommended!

I already planned my next 2 visits to see Kitty Caterina next year ( 5 hours both ways from Mississauga ), although I rarely repeat ( I have a long TDL ), and I only use service once a month! My next visit appointment with Kitty will be one hour, this will be my first time having one-hour appointment, I have always had so far half hour appointments.

Miss Kitty Caterina, I am so glad to know you!

RomanticChap December 2nd 2021 CalmChap59



I was lucky enough to book an appointment with kitty on her recent trip to mississauga. Spent 90 minutes with her. She immediately put me at ease upon arrival and it was if we'd known each other for a while

After asking if I liked kissing she moved in for some lfk to get things started. We made our way to the bed and I went down on her. She was wet and responsive. Could have stayed there the whole time but she said it was my turn to lay back and enjoy and did I ever. She made lots of eye contact and took her time commenting that she liked edging me. She climbed on top and was tight as advertised. Didn't last long with her riding me.

We took a break after round one and she got me hard again for a second round. Multiple positions including 69 among others. I don't always get off a second time but no issues with kitty. Had time to chat some more before it was time to go.

I saw she's planning a return trip in a few months. Can't wait to see her again. Might have to take a trip to kingston before then.

Treat her well and you will be rewarded. She is as advertised and then some..

Clublover069 November 15th 2021


Had the pleasure of seeing her on her recent trip to mississauga. Wow is a good summary. She's super chill and I thoroughly enjoyed myself and her company. Her pictures don't do her justice.

Spent 90 minutes with her and wished it was longer. Everything was as advertised. Bbbj was slow and sensual. She loves to edge and her kitty is tasty and tight.

Seriously thinking about a road trip to kingston even though she's planning another trip to the gta in a few months. It will be well worth the drive.

Treat her well and you will be rewarded.

Clublover069 November 15th 2021

I had the opportunity to see Kitty Caterina the other day during her visit to Mississauga. I'm posting this review here because she rarely visits Mississauga, but is usually based in Kingston. Pre-booking was done quickly & easily via PM with a request by her to reconfirm the day before. Communication was on point & her responses were timely.

The images on her website are accurate. What they may not convey is just how sexy and sensual af she is. I was certainly pleasantly…well, I can’t say “surprised” in light of her universally favourable reviews; let’s say “struck” instead. She is a great kisser and her bj is in my top 3. Her hygiene is impeccable and she tasted fantastic. She is super tight as well, and overall the session was great, she certainly seemed to enjoy herself, but not nearly as much as I did.

I don’t really post detailed reviews anymore, but you really can’t go wrong in choosing to book with her. Apart from the “sexy time” fun, she is easy to talk to & definitely has her head on her shoulders. She ticks all the boxes in professionalism for an SP in my opinion & spending time with her was just the antidote for a blah Saturday afternoon, certainly worth the drive from Cambridge to the airport area. Rate was $240 hr + $20 for cim/cof.

Now I’ve got to find an excuse to get my ass to Kingston so I can see her again…

Bobzilla November 7th 2021 and


Nice review. I've seen her once and had a blast. Great looking with a great attitude. If I lived in Kingston she would be my go too.

JB Novemver 7th 2021


I was one of the lucky men who had the great pleasure to meet Miss Caterina in Mississauga. I wholeheartedly concur with the OP comments : "She is a great kisser and her bj is in my top 3. Her hygiene is impeccable and she tasted fantastic. She is super tight as well...", "she is easy to talk to & definitely has her head on her shoulders. She ticks all the boxes in professionalism for an SP in my opinion". Thank you for saying the words for me, may I add "Beside Miss Caterina's beauty and great service, these words also describe her : "unpretentious, intelligent, well educated, considerate, and punctual!". I already plan my visit to Kingston!

RomanticChap November 10th 2021


I had the pleasure to be able to recently spend some time with Kitty Caterina

Absolutely sweet and sensual, if you're looking for a true GFE this is the one. I'm not the type to go too much into the details and her website lays it all out anyways. Low-volume independent with a really convenient incall location as well.

intrepid11a October 24th 2021


Been seeing KittyCaterina for a bit over a year now fairly regularly. Pictures are always accurate, amazing GFE and extremely beautiful. Good to know there are actually legit providers in our area.

dataghost September 16th 2021


She is one of the sweetest, caring, cutest And most importantly non judgemental human being I met. I had the pleasure of meeting her and just wanted to engage in conversation with her all night long. She makes for an intimate and emotional intense date partner.

nickjonas July 30th 2021


If there is anyone out there that has not seen this special lady...they don't know what they are missing. I've been on this forum for a short time now. I've seen many post about how wonderful she is, so I went to see her awhile back and have not regret it. I have been a repeat customer ever since. She is sweet, honest and really sexy. She was able to put me at ease in minutes and found we had a lot to talk about. She is very sensual and knows how to please. One of Kingston's best hidden gem!

Stevew Feb 20th 2021

First off, I'm fairly new to seeing SP's, I had only had one mediocre experience and a few good experiences before I decided to expand who I was willing to see, I like to be very educated in what I'm getting myself into and I am a rather shy person so it took me over a year to muster up the courage to message KittyCaterina, and boy am I glad I made that decision.

Kitty is absolutely gorgeous and in my opinion is much more beautiful in person than her pictures do her justice. She is not a clock watcher and is an amazing experience. Booking is extremely easy and she replies fairly quickly assuming she's not busy.

I've been frequently visiting KittyCaterina this year and I think it is time I share my experiences without going into too much detail.

My first visit with Kitty was absolutely mind blowing, I am a rather large and very tall individual so I was greeted in sexy lingerie, and shown to her bedroom (more open space) before receiving a hello kiss. We then talked for a few minutes to break the ice, as I mentioned above, I am a shy person and was extremely nervous, Kitty did an amazing job at making me feel comfortable and she kept the conversation flowing. She proceeded to ask what I'd like to do to start things off and I replied with DATY, which went well as far as I can remember, she was extremely responsive and shortly after we moved on to CBJ and then cowgirl to completion, I could not (and still can't) get over how tight she is. After we were finished we cuddled and continued talking until the end of the hour and I got dressed and was given a kiss goodbye.

Many repeat visits occurred all with amazing results and then recently I had the pleasure of doing an overnight with her.xx We had some fun to start the night and then ordered food, had some drinks, watched a good amount of tv, lots of cuddling (I wish there were more cuddling haha). We attempted round two, it didn't turn out to be my night to go multiple rounds but was still extremely fun and engaging, and continued more tv and cuddling until we fell asleep. We woke up, talked some more and then off I went with a goodbye kiss.xx

To wrap things up, Kitty is an amazing, gorgeous, experienced provider and person that I hope I get the privilege of continuing frequent visits with. One thing I struggle with is communication of what I want and the little I have managed to communicate, Kitty has exceeded all my expectations.

If your looking for a good time, just remember to communicate exactly what your looking for to see if she offers such a service (to prevent any disappointments in the moment). KittyCaterina just may be what you've been looking for.

Data Nov 22nd 2020



I saw Kitty Caterina in Ottawa over the Labour Day weekend. She is based in Kingston but might be coming to Ottawa regularly as she was here earlier in the summer. I wanted to try someone a little different and she had been favorably mentioned several times here so I knew the odds were in my favor. She immediately put me at ease and was very accommodating to what I wanted out of our first session.
I booked a one hour appointment but extended it to two as it was fun to try a variety of services she provides ( managed 8 from She is a great kisser and I think we both enjoyed the session!

Blacklabdog Sept 7th 2020



Another Kitty review

Kitty was nice enough to squeeze me in on short notice Friday July 24, I had been cancelled by another SP with only 1/2 hr notice and when I went back on LL Kitty had just posted her ad that she was in a hotel.
Had another excellent GFE, nice hug and DFK greeting at the door, more DFK as we undressed each other and I couldn't wait to get to DATO and DATY.
I still can't get over how incredibly tight she is, more excellent BBBJ and ended with CIM, COF.
The unbelievable part is she apologized for being so tight, how often does that happen?
Definitely recommend..

Peteosborne Aug 3rd 2020 and July 28th 



Motion carried.
Caterina is wonderful. It was a pleasure dealing with such a lovely and professional provider.
You can not go wrong spending your time with her. She is absolutely wonderful

Billysix9six9 July and Aug 2020



This is one of my best most descriptive reviews yet but it is much too long for me to post here so I figured I would just provide the link.

Whawhawha May 23rd 2020



 Kitty Caterina - A hot, steamy experience

Our evening with Kitty was a hot, sweaty, sexy time ;) My husband and I had been trying to set up a threesome for a while, after being scammed twice, we found Kitty on this site and decided we would try just one more time, and we are so glad we did! We texted kitty on Friday evening to make plans for the following Saturday, she answered questions and was very professional. She gave us a call to confirm (which, after what happened, really helped us). When we got there the next day she was very sweet, kind and professional, she looked liked her photos and she was real!! We were all a little nervous as it was our first time meeting, but kitty quickly had us all relaxed chatting with a nice cool drink, and soon we got down to business ;) Being a threesome, we both found that we were equally taken care of and satisfied. Originally, we were thinking this would be a one time thing, now we can't wait to see Kitty again! We came from Ottawa just to see Kitty, and I would HIGHLY recommend you make that trip!

Wildfire19 May 25th 2020



This review is long overdue and is also my last. I arranged to meet Kitty and actually cancelled but we traded messages and I decided to follow through - very glad I did. I brought Kitty lunch and we had great conversation before the fun began and can honestly say this lady is dynamite, not only because of her beauty but her mind and in having some engaging conversation I will always remember. Really a rare experience in this world, no bullshit guys...

Now for the details most guys want - Kitty has the softest skin I have ever touched and the most beautiful eyes you will ever see. Not a spinner type body but natural girl next door you always wished you had. Most memorable though is that her kitty is the tightest I have enjoyed since high school, no BS and if you know me my word is gold - name Kitty is very fitting gents.

If you have the opportunity to visit Kitty DO IT!!! She is very honestly what we all look for: beauty and also just a nice lady to spend time with. Thanks Kitty, appreciate our time more than can say here. In these times I can say you are a memory that will never be forgotten and will look on very fondly. Rocking chair test intact...

Just Sayin2019 March 28th 2020



There is definetly no need for me to write a review for her, most of the regulars already know how good she is!

I saw kitty when she was in sauga on 8th of March, she was recommended to me by another amazing lady sexiijane!

With kitty for me it's not just sex, it was an experience! although it was the first time I was seeing her, she made me feel at ease right away
I took an hour of her time, but I stayed at her for about 3 hours. We were just having great time together.

I'm not going to write much about sex here because that was exemplary!

I have been hobbying for 6+ years not much active here on sp411, but I see ladies on regular basis.
KITTY is definetly on the top of my list!

You will never regret the time you spend with her, she is an absolute sweetheart!

Peech March 20th 2020



Hey all, mostly lurker sometime poster. I had the good fortune to have a visit with Kitty Caterina on Friday during her visit to Mississauga. First off communication was very easy with her and setting up the appointment was a breeze.
She answers the door in a lovely bustier negligee (can't wait to peel it off), and sexy heels as discussed and she looks even more gorgeous in person than her pics, lovely womenly curves, just delicious. She's very friendly and easy to talk to, made me feel at ease completely.

For me, it was the perfect fantasy of the hot goth girl in high school that I couldn't get to look at me, come to life. She put me at ease, is a great kisser and moves the session along without me ever feeling rushed.
Just to list the services real quick, I had dfk, bbbj, daty, FS mish.... Fantastic kisser, can't state it enough, very responsive in daty with a delicious kitty. In FS, she is extremely tight and a very nice GFE, made me feel like a King.
After we cuddled in bed a bit and chatted, super friendly and chill and easy to talk to.

All-in-all for me a sure repeat whenever she decides to come back, 9/10

Geebus March 10th 2020



I had the awesome experience, this pass Saturday night to do a duo with my fave gal kitty and was the 3rd duo I've had with kitty and this one was by far the best. First time meeting lily, and she was really nice and sweet, we chatted abit then the action started, got double bj, double getting ridden, my fingers in both there kittys, lots of hotness, lily has some excellent oral skills I couldn't stop watching, well between her and kitty. The duo finished with getting a nice lone double hand job with me blowing a huge one. I will try and do another duo with these 2 again as I stated above it was the best duo I had with kitty. Now I just gotta wait for my next time for kitty:)

Roadie March 3rd 2020



Provider's Name: Kitty caterina

Date of Encounter: January 1

Service Type: incall

Affiliation: Independent

Photos:  Accurate

Gift: 260

How Long: Hr

Overall: Brilliant  

Description of Provider:  Young, cute and the tattoos are well done  

Personality/Attitude:  A little shy but eager to please

  Report:  Have stopped in a few times now and always enjoy myself. Kitty is super comforting and always eager to make your happy.

ApeJak Feb 4th 2020 Escort Babylon


Exciting, Beautiful & Professional - Kitty Caterina 5738  

If you are looking for the total package this is it.   Scheduling with Kitty was easy. Her incall location is private with lots of parking. Her condo is clean, cozy and comfortable.  

Kitty immediately focuses on putting you at ease and is very interested in what will satisfy you. She is a great conversationalist and gives a nice back rub.  

10/10 GFE   Intimacy with Kitty is something you need to experience to understand and you won’t forget. She is beautiful and her pictures do not do her justice, but her eyes steal the show. Looking into her eyes is an experience on its own.  

If you have been thinking about meeting Kitty you need to stop thinking about it and go for it. Treat her with respect and you will be rewarded with an amazing experience.

MK4 November 21st 2019


Punished by Kitty  

I had done a GFE with Kitty before and decided once I saw on her website that she did domme sessions and since I had never done one before I would give it a try. Kitty was in her pink eyelid makeup style and had a latex skirt on that showed just a bit of her ass. (couldn't help but grab it when she bent over to grab her whip). I was not disappointed. Miss Kitty made sure through her whip, riding crop and hand that I was well abused. Miss Kitty was not shy in telling me what to do and if I did something wrong ( maybe on purpose hehe) I was quickly punished. I think the parts I enjoyed most was the face sitting with breathplay and forced DATY and DATO as well as the riding crop on the balls. There were other things I enjoyed as well but I will leave that to find out for yourself. Definitely something I will explore further with her in the future. Kitty is one of Kingstons best providers.


PeteOsborne November 18 2019 and February 2020 on TERB


Description of Provider:  Cat is stunningly beautiful, with striking green eyes, soft pillowy lips, perky breasts, a curvy figure, and a flawless bum. Multiple tattoos, and piercings  

Personality/Attitude:  Bubbly, vivacious, and down to earth. very easy to talk too.  

Report:  It was my first time with an escort. Cat recieved me at her very tastefully decorated condo, she could tell I was nervous at first, but we sat on her bed for a minute and talked about tastes and particular sexual fantasies, while she rubbed my shoulders and I kissed her neck. We proceeded into a facesitting/69 session that was fucking fantastic! Her pussy is insanely tight and tastes amazing, she's very responsive when fucking (ie: eye contact, soft moans and whispers, finger biting, etc.) Her oral skills are outstanding and she really has an awesome attitude in general it seems.  

Mc Girth September 2019 Escort Babylon


Provider's Name: Kitty and Evaline duo

They both look just like their advertising pictures. Kitty is smaller with tattoos a stunning face hot round ass and long black locks and Evaline is a very pretty plus sized blonde with breasts that would knock your socks off. What a combination Both have really pretty pussies.  

Personality/Attitude:  Kitty is my regular girl so knowing one of them made me more relaxed. Kitty is more funny cute and giggly Evaline is more serious and womanly.  

Report:  I had seen Kitty in public and it immediately prompted me to want her so I went to check out her ad because I have to delete our dealings on my phone and needed her number and saw that she was doing duos with Evaline Desire. The duo was a plus and I still jerk off thinking about it. Teasing, bbbj and those breasts of Evalines! Her breasts are legendary just unbelievable and Kitty seemed to enjoy them as much as me. I finished by standing on the floor fucking Kittys tight pussy doggystyle on the edge of the bed while watching Kitty eat Evalines pussy. Experience of a lifetime!  

mapedsilver May 11th 2019 Escort Babylon    


Unfortunately, I have only had the great pleasure of meeting Cat once. I had full intentions of repeating but life got in the way and I haven't had much play time the last couple years. When I did meet Cat, I thoroughly enjoyed myself. She was actually a little nervous meeting me because she knew I had a presence on the review boards and she wanted it to go well. I can tell you IMO it went very well. She is as great a conversationalist as she is skilled in her profession. Her pictures are 100% real. What you see is what you get IRL. She was equally passionate and responsive. Definitely in the upper echelon of regular providers in Kingston. I will most certainly repeat when I get the chance. Now that my life is starting to allow me some personal time, I will be making a visit with Cat a priority in the not so distant future.

macrin June 9th 2019


I've been away from the hobby for a few months. But when I do, it's almost always Cat. Ill try someone new every so often, but I always come back to Cat. When I'm away from the hobby it's Cat and her sweet ass I'm thinking about. I don't have to go on about her physical atributes, you have eyes, she's posted her pics they are real and resent (I've seen her in some of the outfits she's posted). it's her service. She is genuine, she's fun, and she cares about you enjoying yourself. We talk before and after a session, and when she found out I like certain things she would try to surprise me next time. If you are looking for someone who is sexy enough to keep you thinking about her, and sweat enough to keep you coming back...Cat your girl.

Mrdiggles June 8th 2019


Caterina - 5738   Had the opportunity to see Caterina as she was touring in Sauga. Had pre-booked early so follow up on day of went smooth Got to the location a little early and was given the room number with a request to give her a few minutes. Got to the room and was greeted by a very pretty girl, Caterina is well reviewed and this was my first time seeing her, I found she was just a little bit bigger than her pics suggest. Gave the donation and got to business, she was very friendly and accommodating.. LFK with some DFK, DATY AND DATO, I found the session a little mechanical but pleasureable. As previous reviews have stated she is tight! And missionary had great grip. She accommodated some of my favourite activities As well which was nice. Round 2 some more LFK/DFK and BBBJ until I was spent. Overall it was a nice session, she was mature and I never felt rushed.We chatted for a bit and was on my way.  

Youngceos October 2019


Description of Provider:  Like her pictures what you see is what you get. she has a exotic sexy but cute vibe to her.  

Personality/Attitude:  She said she gets nervous for outcalls and it showed a little bit but she warmed up quickly after sitting down and talking for a short bit.  

Report:  She was right on time at my hotel. I opened the door to what looked like a college girl in a regular outfit. once I closed the door she stripped to a black lace top and stockings it was quite the transformation. We chatted for a minute and she started kissing me and rubbing my neck and kissing it. I flipped her over and explored her body she tasted so good. she grabbed my cock and said she was a little scared I am really thick. Unlike other women of her profession I couldnt fit it all the way in I was shocked and after 15 minutes of different positions she couldnt take anymore. she said only two other guys has that happened with she was a trooper. We finished with me fucking between her ass cheeks and I came all over her back. I had never tried that before. i would see her again but I like doggy sex and she was just too tight so maybe hh for bj instead of full hour for sex but damn her pussy felt amazing.

MapedSilver 2019 EscortBabylon


I saw KittyCaterina for the first time last night. her place is discreet visitor parking is at the back, which is a plus since I have a company name on my truck. Entrance faces away from the road as well. She is easy to talk to and really seems to enjoy herself, she didn't let me down and she deserves the 9/10 and 10/10 reviews I have seen (haven't really seen anything lower). She smells and tastes great, with nice smooth skin, soft lips but her pictures are not as good as her in person. I think if anything I let her down but I intend to make up for it next time. Do yourself a favour and text her.

I forgot to mention that she didn't seem to care what time it is, I didn't see any clocks in her room and I didn't feel rushed at all. I don't know about you but that makes me feel more relaxed when there doesn't seem to be a timeline.

peteosborne May 22nd 2019 and Feb 2020 on TERB


I had the pleasure of having a great duo session with my fave gal, kitty and evaline desire last night. It was pretty action from the start, had a few bjs, fingering, hj. Evaline has some really big pillow boobs and a very nice kitty to. she was very fun to be around, and kitty, well she always excites me. I hope that I can do another duo with these 2 it was worth the while.

Roadie May 12th 2019


I had the pleasure of seeing Kitty on a recent trip to Kingston. She is an advertiser on the board. Communication was great, she answered all my questions, even the stupid ones! She is cute, with numerous tattoos and piercings. Her pictures are totally accurate. She is very receptive and outgoing! Communication 10 Looks 8 very nice bum Service 10 great session, multiple positions, stayed well past my half hour Location 10 nice home in a quiet area Definite repeat next time I’m in the Kingston area.

kway1759 May 4th 2019


Date of Encounter: March 10Service Type: incallAffiliation: IndependentPhotos:  AccurateGift: 200How Long: HrWorth it?: YesOverall: Excellent  

Description of Provider: 

Her photos didn’t do her justice. Really enjoyed how accurate the pictures are.


Great personality. Made me feel super comfortable


Was first time seeing a provider. Made me feel welcomed and not weird. Enjoyed her services.

 Hammerhawk15 March 10th 2019 EscortBabylon


Provider's Name: Kitty CatrinaDate of Encounter: January 25Service Type: incallAffiliation: IndependentPhotos:  AccurateGift: 500How Long: otherWorth it?: YesOverall: Brilliant  

Description of Provider: 

Exactly like her pictures. What a perfect ass she has and that face is stunning.


Very welcoming and comfortable to be around, you can tell she enjoys what she does. Seems genuinely interested in meeting and pleasing people. She asked me for feedback after the session and nobody has ever asked me before. It shows she wants to improve but it's hard to improve on perfection.


Setting up the meeting wasn't the easiest this was my third try, I don't think she takes clients everyday or something. Wow am I ever glad I kept trying! It was better than expected! Started with dfk and groping and lots of exploring then on to 69. Full of dfk before and during sex we did missionary and her on top. Holy moly is she ever tight! Prettiest pussy I remember seeing too! I could've snacked on her forever. After my second shot we chatted and shared some wine. Her location is great and her bedroom has a sexy vibe. I was almost speechless and stuttering out the door I had a really great time.

Hobbywomen69 Jan 25th 2019 EscortBabylon


A couple of weeks ago I had to drive to Montreal and arranged a dinner date with KC on my way through Kingston. We've had dinner before, but this time we were going to include dessert. Now, members know Kitty and I are friendly both here at SP 411 and in the real world. She is someone I like and that's important to me because I prefer to repeat with one or two regulars rather than play the field. I've found that I enjoy sex more when I get comfortable with a partner. Since I don't hobby very frequently (once every month or two) I prefer longer appointments with a GFE feel rather than a quickie or a more physically energetic PSE experience. Being older and old fashioned probably plays into this as well. Kitty and I started with a nice dinner. Kitty is a smart lady with some fascinating life experiences and we talked about a number of topics from politics to fetishes. No topic is off limits if dealt with respectfully. If I had any fetishes or sex acts I wanted to talk about or explore, Kitty would be my go to girl because I feel comfortable with her. I've havent done much fetish play (BDSM, pegging, anal, blindfolds, handcuffs etc) but I'd trust her if / when I decided to go that route. She has a number of toys available (including a monstrous butt plug that was truly frightening LOL) but when we talked about expectations I asked for a vanilla experience for that evening because I really felt like a nice comfortable GFE experience. After dinner we had the choice of her incall or my hotel and decided on her in call. Upon arrival she went to freshen up and change out of her civvies into something more comfortable. She came out in a sexy lingerie set and we settled in to some warm up foreplay. I like to unwrap my presents so taking off her lingerie was a real treat. Kitty is well inked and each newly exposed area of skin revealed a striking tattoo which I enjoyed. Kitty is not a string bean but curvy and breathtaking naked. Incredible ass as advertised. I took my time and gave her a body massage. I enjoyed caressing every inch of her body. She's a great kisser and responds enthusiastically when touched and tasted. I loved playing with her. The anticipation and foreplay made me decline her BJ offer and we proceeded into safe FS. My God, her pussy was tight and her body responds when fucking. Soft encouraging whispers and little moans and whimpers were adorable and very sexy. We got into a great rhythm and I had a great orgasm. We're planning another date early in this New Year and now that we know each other better some variety will make its way into our next session. I'm thinking about a soapy shower gropefest and then dragging her soaking wet body over to the sofa for some ass up / face down monkey sex. (Better use my hotel room next time Kitty and spare your furniture!) A great experience and a definite repeat.

HardToPart Jan 2nd 2019


I have seen Kitty caterina for awhile now, and she is always a great time. As a lot of the post of the reviews are true u get a mirror image of her pics. she has one really sexy round ass, her boobs are perfect, skin is soft and decorated with tastfully tattoos, which I have seen all of them lol. She is well worth the visit to Kingston, she will not rush u, I don't think of all of our times together I haven't blown a huge load,. Kitty is one sp that I would recomand to anyone. I know that's why I keep going back

Roadie Nov 24th 2018


So, I know this isn't a restaurant review site, but I invited @KittyCaterina to dinner on a recent business trip through Kingston and Ottawa. Since I was on business and subject to the whims of clients, we just booked dinner and not a session. Kitty picked the restaurant, I picked her up and off we went. I haven't enjoyed as nice a dinner companion in a long, long time. Kitty is street smart with a lot of interesting experiences to share. We chatted effortlessly for 2 1/2 - 3 hours. She looked sexy, dressed nicely and is a genuinely nice person. I got a peak at a couple of tattoos that weren't covered by her outfit and promised her that on my next trip we'd eat in and I'd check out the rest of her tats. Kitty advised me that they were best viewed from doggy!!! Thanks for the great company Kitty!

HardToPart Sep 23rd 2018


Gentlemen of Kingston... I have no idea how you've managed to hide away someone as beautiful and talented for so long, but your secret is out!!! I had the opportunity to meet with @KittyCaterina this week after getting to know her for several months here on SP411, and I can certainly tell you it was worth the wait, and even the 4 hour trip @KittyCaterina is a warm, kind, witty and intelligent woman who amazes me daily with her strength and compassion. Meeting her in person did nothing but reaffirm for me what a wonderful human being she is, and how happy I am to be able to call her my friend. Upon meeting I was greeted by nearly a mirror image of what you will see in her posted photos. I sheepishly admitted to being nervous right up until I parked at her private condo residence, and she echoed my sentiments nearly exactly. Funny when you consider we've been chatting regularly now for several months, but the human psyche operates in mysterious ways. Still, the nervousness on (both?) our parts seemed to disappate quite quickly. Our adventures during the week definitely reaffirmed my initial impressions. @KittyCaterina is a caring, kind and witty individual. Not afraid to speak her mind, and abound with fun nerdy references to all sorts of topics, and a slight affinity for Rocko's Modern Life and Tales from the Crypt. Still, since no one on the review board wants to hear about that... @KittyCaterina and I did have a few chances to become more intimately acquainted, and I found her to be as amazing inside the bedroom as she was out of it. Her skin is smooth and supple, (and sensitive, play nice boys, unless she asks you not to ) her booty is a sight to behold, her kisses were soft and sweet. Her kitty was quite possibly the tightest I've ever experienced, and she was even kind enough to both discuss several of my different fetish interests and indulge me in one of them that I'm quite fond of. She is an all safe provider, but that was something I was aware of in advance and had no issues with; and I certainly didn't find anything lacking in the experience because of it. Be careful boys, my next visit I may just have to spirit her away somewhere for a few weeks to have her all to myself. Thanks again @KittyCaterina, it was a pleasure.

genosys Aug 24th 2018


Provider's Name: Caterina

Date of Encounter: August 18

Service Type: incall

Photos:  Accurate

How Long: Hr

Overall: Brilliant

Description of Provider: Caterina is a sweet, soft and sexy woman. Always well put together and looking exquisite on arrival, smells so good I could eat her up.

Personality/Attitude: She made me feel like I'd known her for years. She's an amazing woman who always makes me smile.

Report: Caterina is an all safe GFE experience and does not disappoint. Her bum is a highlight, I could worship it for hours. Wonderful kisser and incredibly tight, just thinking of the experience makes me want to make the drive again..

Genosys August 2018 Escort Babylon


I have seen Caterina a handful of times now, my first time I was nervous as hell, but she put me at ease. She does incalls at her own clean condo, has a great big bed, shes funny, very easy to get along with. I have a big fetish for one thing and she has no problem with me wearing them, she smells so good, has a nice shaved kitty. she has the most wonderful big green eyes a nice face and soft smooth skin with tattoos. whenever I see her, I'll lick her kitty, play with her nice breasts, finger her kitty, and in turn she'll ride my member, jo, give the most amazing bj ever. She's done dom on me, well shes open to doing a lot of things well worth the time with her. I saw her ad about a year ago and I'm kicking my ass for now setting up a date then.

Roadie Apr 30th 2018


I've seen Cat a bunch, still do from time to time, Im not as active in the hobby as i once was. I do know she can get defensive at times, Not from personal experience but from conversations ive had with her before and after our dates. These girls do deal with a lot of crazies and put up with a lot of bull shit. i Have to assume i would snap every now and again as well. Here is what i do know about my own personal experiences with her. Every time i see her she seems happy to see me. She is never in a rush, she seems to enjoys actually chatting with me both before and after or time. She is sweet and genuinely concerned that our time together is great. And the sex its self is great. You can read about that in the review i did a while back. I have another girl i see from time to time. One day i reached out to her and she said she was working with Cat at Cats place, To avoid any awkward situations i told the other girl i would pass on our date. Cat later contacted me and told me to stop being silly and feel free to see the other girl if i wanted to. I later found out Cat gave the other girl some pointers on a few things i like, because she wanted me to have a good time. I guess my point is she is cool, I recommend seeing her just dont waste her time.

Mrdiggles Mar 14th 2018


Date of Encounter: March 28Service Type: incallAffiliation: IndependentPhotos:  AccurateGift: 220How Long: HrWorth it?: YesOverall: Excellent  

Description of Provider: 

Medium build, lots of tattoos, well groomed, one of the best looking pussy's I've ever seen.


She was very accommodating, and didn't make the encounter feel weird at all.


I met Caterina in a private condo. I was impressed with how clean the place, I was expecting a dump of a motel. Caterina had a very safe attitude, so I had no reservations going down on her. Her pussy was delicious, and it was super tight.

Merkur Mar 28th 2018 Escort Babylon


Date of Encounter: March 30Service Type: incallAffiliation: IndependentPhotos:  AccurateGift: 220How Long: HrWorth it?: YesOverall: Brilliant  

Description of Provider: 

Exactly like her pictures but vibrant in real life


So sweet and funny at first. Turns into strict mistress for dom


I've finally found a young lady who can pull off Dom. Many say yes and just can't do it. Her Dom and skills are just incredible. She has the outfits, toys and supplies to make it perfect mixed with her beautiful looks and sultry voice. Just wow! Her hands and mouth are skilled, her parts are tasty and unbelievably tight.

ReddyNinja March 2018 EscortBabylon


So i have been seeing adds on BP for Caterina on BP a bunch lately, and i remembered spending some time with her a year or two with her. But i was feeling nostalgic ... I Got to say i am so glad i did. I had a great time with her. I was a bit nervous, but i swear she looks like her pictures were taken yesterday. As a matter of fact she was wearing the black see through outfit from one of her pics. She chatted a bit to ease my nerves maybe hers too. Anyway, location was a small little condo off Bath road. Its her private residence, it was clean and quite, and no one has to see you coming and going from some seedy hotel. All her services were “safe play” only, which is the only way i play so that was not a problem for me. CBJ was awesome; she seemed to really enjoy herself with me was really rubbing my face in it during 69, She has the most amazing round ass. And the sex was great, she was vocal and made me feel like a rock star. Im a larger guy and can look intimidating but im normally gentle, but something about her brought out primal feeling in me. I think ive found my new “regular” girl, and plan to see her often in the next little while.

Mrdiggles Feb 9th 2017


Caterina  I have the most to say about her as she's my regular girl. I started seeing her after reading a very positive review about her awhile back. Her location is great. She works out of her small condo and lives alone. The front entrance and parking are very private, they face a marsh and field no roads or sidewalks.  She seems to really value her regulars and her rates slowly drop to a certain point the more you see her. She always answers the door in something sexy and takes requests. I ask for booty short style underwear and a see through top so I can see her cute nipples. She's always friendly and genuinely seems happy for the company.  Her face is very pretty and I can't get enough of her long dark hair, it's so soft. Her skin is very soft too. She has the most perfect lady bits imo and keeps a little landing strip, shaves the rest. I love going down on her and the noises she makes when I do. As has been said before, her bum is spectacular and round, looks great when she's bent over. She isnt a spinner and definitely not a bbw. She claims to be extremely tight and that she is! I have to be very gentle when starting intercourse and ease myself in slowly or let her control it from on top. She gives a great bj with eye contact but isn't much of a deep throat girl. She's into light French kissing and makes it so incredibly passionate.  She's unrushed and willing to talk and ease your nerves, very interesting, intelligent girl. I have no complaints with Caterina except that sometimes she can be difficult to reach. She's a low volume provider and I think she has a part time job. I highly recommend her, she's a great provider all around. Thanks. 6135055738

Raptor86 2017 TERB